Moon Bakery DETAILS

Moon Bakery is a delivery business that specializes in one thing, made to order cup cakes.  However this simple and unique concept offers a vast range of cupcakes suitable for every occasion, categorized into two types.  Sweet for celebrations and gifts.  Savory for snacks and parties.  Every product is guaranteed to be fresh on delivery.

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Moon Bakery

Voted #43   of 102 Restaurants & Purveyors in Tehran
based on 52 votes
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Type of Food: Confectionery
Price range: All price range
City Area: Tehran
Opening hours: 10.00-17.00 Weekdays 10.00-15.00 Thurs
Contact Details
Tel(s): 0936-3132891
Special Feature: Delivery
Reader Comments
19 January 2013 Moon BakeryAmir said:
Cake tavalodam ro az Moon Bakery sefaresh dadam. Tarh va no-e cake ro be ohdeye khodeshoun gozashtam chon karashoun aliye. Cake ke baram dorost kardan binazir bood, ye pooliver fogholade ba ye blouse ziresh. Rangamizi ziba. No cakesh red velvet bood va dakhelesh ham panir khameii. Fogholade narm va khoshmaze. Tamame mehmoona az zibaii va khoshmazegi in cake sohbat mikardand.
Be doune shak dobareh az Moon Bakery sefaresh khaham daad.
0% 100%

24 May 2012 Moon BakeryArmita said:
Having asked Moon Bakery to make me something that reminded me of my school days and what my friends & I used to do, I never thought that Moon Bakery would come up with Packman. It took me back and I love the design. They also tasted as good as they look. Chocolate cupcakes with marizpan. yummmmy . Delivery service was also excellent.
34% 67%

23 May 2012 Moon BakeryNS said:
I ordered the tuna and black olives + sundried tomatoe/feta cheese savoury muffins for a party which were really lovely. Perfect bite-size mini-muffins which I served as starters. I also ordered the chocolate mousse in the orange and plain dark chocolate flavours. I personally preferred the orange flavour, it was simply delicious, smooth and could instantly smell the orange. The chocolate mousses were also delivered in an iced- cool box which I was very pleased about. All in all, I was very satisfied with my orders and the delivery and will be ordering from Moon Bakery again.
34% 67%

20 May 2012 Moon BakeryJB said:
Twelve different designs of cupcakes for a baby shower, all very tasty. The detailed designs were fantastic and made so delicately, and in beautiful colours. I'd strongly recommend them for baby-related events.
34% 67%

20 May 2012 Moon BakeryPSH said:
I liked the taste, unique and fantastic decoration that suits to any occation, easy and fast delivery.... what else could I expect from a bakery?!
Thanks Moon Bakery
50% 50%

08 May 2012 Moon BakeryPoupak said:
Made an order of 4 different types of Savoury Muffins for a party and they were lovely. Much recommended.
34% 67%